Reno Anoai

Reno Anoa’i

*Everyone likes pro wrestlers and admires the physical strength and agility that it takes to rise to top of the sport.

Although in some circles wresting is ridiculed for its camp aesthetics, the combat sport is in fact one of the oldest competitive physical activities in the world dating back to the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians.

Today the sport has a revered legacy, as well as legions of fans around the world.

One of its truest proponents is champion wrestler Reno Anoa’i, who can trace his family’s supremacy in the sport for more than 100 years. Known as the  “Black Pearl,” Anoa’i is known throughout the industry as a “Triple Threat” – Producer, Promoter and  Wrestler and he holds the title of NWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

As the creator of a new concept in wrestling called The Territory League, Anoa’i is deeply committed to extending the reach of his beloved sport and making it accessible to a wider base of fans. The Robertson Treatment recently caught up with Anoa’i to learn more about the transformation he’s making to the sport.

Robertson Treatment: Why is the public so fascinated with wrestling as a sport?

“Professional Wrestling is not only a beloved sport, it’s live entertainment with interesting soap opera story lines that caters to all ages and is timeless with fans from 0-120!”

RT: Reno Anoa’i: Tell us about your history as a pro wrestler?

“As a member of the infamous Anoa’i Wrestling Family known to the wrestling world as the “Samoan Dynasty” I was fortunate to travel the world and made a temporary home for myself in Europe for over 10 years and expanded my career in countries including Spain, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Australia and East Asia.” I was properly trained by my Uncle Afa “The Wild Samoan.”

RT: How does one prepare to engage in the sport?

RA: “Proper training is the key to maintaining longevity in the wrestling business.  Most people think we are bouncing off a trampoline in between cable ropes. Beneath the canvas is 1 inch padding on 2×6 cross boards on a steal frame.  Timing in breaking falls is crucial in protecting yourself and your opponent.  First and foremost anyone interested in becoming a professional wrestler should research a reputable and licensed wrestling school with accredited trainers and learn from them prior to claiming the title of “Professional Wrestler.” =

RT: What’s the aim of your new program, Territory League?

RA: “The Wrestling world is in need of a major FACELIFT and that is why I created the fresh new concept of TEAM WRESTLING entitled THE TERRITORY LEAGUE.  This will provide fans another option to watching and enjoying wrestling. There are only a few slots to become a WWE Superstar or to travel the world; “Territory League” is the first City Team Wrestling with divisions showcasing all types of traditional wrestling match ups including a Luchador Division.  This gives us an opportunity to showcase unseen talent from across America that hasn’t had the opportunity to perform on a big stage.  “Territory League” is not your traditional wrestling company where the champion is always blond and has blue eyes; we are grooming the future wrestling superstars judging them from pure talent, work ethic and charisma!”

RT: Besides the league what other Anoa’i branded projects can the public look out for?

RA: KnokX Pro Wrestling Academy,” a full service wrestling facility located in Los Angeles, CA.  If you want to be the BEST, you must be TRAINED by the best



2014 Mazda 2 Touring

2014 Mazda 2 Touring

Mazda2 Touring


Driving the 2014 Mazda2 Touring was like taking a trip down memory lane back to my first ride. Much like the Mazada2 Touring, my ride back then was compact and saved me a lot of money on gas. However, that’s where all similarities with my first car begin and end. Much like its competitors, the new Mazda2 Touring is a starter vehicle that’s light years ahead of what most people once expected from a first car.   

Wow Factor:   Nice to look at, fast and efficient, the Mazda2 Touring is an ideal ride for Millennial Generation. Agile and purposeful on the road, this ride is also loaded with lots of fun gadgets that will satisfy its target audience as they make their way from class, to work, to back home.

Ride:   Powered by a 100-hp, 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, the Mazda2 Touring is more than able to handle typical day-to-day driving chores. Outfitted with Mazda’s customary solid steering the nimble ride is a great errand car and for getting in and out of tight spots.

Comfort:   The Mazda2 Touring interior is super clean, but does provide easy access to controls and “comfort features” like Bluetooth and the entertainment system, which as we know is an all-important component of young millennial life.   

Spin Control:   Priced under 20k and with a super competitive 29/35/32 mpg, the 2014 Mazda2 Touring is a sound investment as you pack your tyke off for college. I predict that it will compete well among vehicles in its class.

Grade:  B

Gil Robertson is an award-winning journalist, bestselling author and president of the African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA).


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