Yvette Gayle

The Sitota Collection Founder, Yvette Gayle

*As the benefits of aromatherapy as alternative medicine continue to grow in popularity, more and more enterprising business people have begun to service the demand.  A great example is The Sitota Collection, a candle collection developed by music industry powerhouse Yvette Gayle.

As the VP of Publicity for Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records, Gayle has for more than two decades guided the careers of some of the most iconic artists in music like 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Nancy Wilson and Grover Washington Jr., among others.

Now with her candle collection, Gayle gets to chart a new course for herself creatively with an enterprise that is closely rooted to her heart. “The collection was inspired by my love of travel and cultural diversity and recalls some of my most precious memories,” says Gayle.

Infused with exotic fragrances like Blue Nile, Havana, Coco Noir and Aigyiptos, the candles emit scents that are both tranquil and lively. The candles are also packaged with attractive African motifs, which make them a perfect gift item. The Robertson Treatment recently spoke with Gayle about her budding enterprise and her plans to make the line available at high-end retailers around the world.

Robertson Treatment: Why have you designed a candle collection? 

Yvette Gayle: The collection was inspired by my daughter Sitota whom we adopted from Ethiopia in 2010.  At the urging of my son Mekhi, I launched this line to celebrate our union. That’s how The Sitota Collection was born. My husband and I have been fortunate to travel the world and each fragrance in the line is reminiscent of a culture or destination that we have explored.

RT: What are the aroma-therapy benefits of burning candles? 

Although our luxury line offers benefits that are similar to Aromatherapy  candles in that they can invigorate the senses to improve mood and promote relaxation we are not an aromatherapy line (which mostly uses only plant based essential oils).

Fragrance is very powerful and can evoke strong emotional reactions. They can calm, uplift, relax, de-stress, soothe and stimulate the brain in many ways.  Fragrance can also recall specific moments in time.  At The Sitota Collection we use traditional artisan techniques of hand blending high quality fragrance and essential oils with soy wax. We hand pour each candle in order to maintain superior craftsmanship and to ensure meticulous attention is paid to every detail.  There are also many benefits to soy candles as Soy wax is biodegradable, cleans up easily with soap and water and it promotes U.S. Agriculture.  Soy candles burn cleaner and longer than your traditional paraffin candle of the same size.

RT: Being a successful publicist must give you some added advantages marketing the collection? 

I will say that being a publicist does give me some advantage as I have a vast network of contacts, but it still takes an enormous amount of effort and hard work. I could not do it without my team of expert perfumers, publicists, and marketing professionals. It truly is taking a village to raise this baby and I’m having a fantastic time.

 RT: What are your plans to expand your collection at retail? 

I definitely am working on getting the collection in the appropriate retail locations in both the US and Africa. Currently you can find us at Serenity Spa in New Orleans and at Regalo in Lagos, Nigeria.  Of course we sell direct to consumer at www.thesitotacollection.com.

RT: Do you have any plans to expand the collection?  

Yes. We launched with four fragrances Aigyptos, Havana, Blue Nile and Coco Noir and have plans to grow and expand the line with new offerings.

RT: So you are a publicist and business woman, what’s next for you?  

My goal is to build a sustainable brand that will give me the opportunity to be socially active and effect change in our daughter’s home country. That’s my long term goal.


2014 Nissan Altima

2014 Nissan Altima

With a much improved interior and exterior styling; plus upgraded technological improvements, the 2014 Nissan Altima more than lives up to its reputation. Available with a number of trim options, the new Altima once again demonstrates that it is up to the challenge for most driving needs.

Wow Factor:  The 2014 Altima’s adds a level of sophistication that will certainly bolster its base and the ride’s new mechanical features boosts performance to a level that will make it particularly competitive in its class.

Ride:  I was impressed by my ride’s tight on the road handling and strong performance overall. Its solid engine yields a strong 27/38 mpg city/highway, which is certainly a big plus for today’s drivers.

Comfort:  Outfitted with impressive high-quality materials throughout its interior cabin, the Altima also benefits from accessible and easy to read controls and the newly available NissanConnect Apps system that supports a handful of popular apps, such as Facebook and Pandora.

Spin Control: The 2014 Nissan Altima offers a reliable driving experience for a vehicle in its class. With a base price in the mid-20s, it offers consumers the right balance between affordable ride and solid performance. Expect to see lots of these on the road.

Grade:  A

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