Apple Mortgage Cake*”This is timely. This is something people can relate to. This story offers a ray of hope.”

Kimberly Elise’s new original movie “Apple Mortgage Cake” premiers tonight (04-19-14) on UP TV.

“Apple Mortgage Cake” is based on, Angela Logan, who baked 100 cakes, in 10 days to raise $4,000 to save her home from foreclosure.

Elise sat down with EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas and shared the true story of a recipe that saved a home and a family.

The four time NAACP Image Award Winner said she wanted to play this role because Logan is amazing and inspiring!

“I was sent her script by the producers, who asked me to play her and I couldn’t believe the story was true,” explained the actress. “It really resonated to me and I think it will resonate to people all over the county. There are so many people going through different kinds of financial situations and if you’re not, someone next to you probably is.”

Apple Mortgage CakeLogan makes a cameo appearance in the film.

“I loved having her on set,” stated Elisa. “I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her and get to hear her voice and see her mannerisms. What was really cool was…we got to do scenes together. So, I was playing Angela, opposite Angela!”
Apple Mortgage CakeThe Minnesota native could give Julia Child a run for her butter.

“I really enjoy baking!” Expressed the multi-award winning actress. “I am very efficient in the kitchen. It wasn’t foreign territory for me but I don’t bake quite like Angela (Logan) – she is the master – but I can hold my own.”

Apple Mortgage Cake“Apple Mortgage Cake” premiers Sunday on UP TV at 7:00 PM EST.

UP is a 24-hour television network for uplifting entertainment that provides high-quality, diverse, family-friendly programming. As part of its mission to entertain and uplift, the network’s pro-social initiative “Uplift Someone” reminds and inspires people to do simple acts of kindness.

a day late dollar shortThis weekend Elise will also be starring in “A Day Late and a Dollar Short.”

“Its drama, its comedy,” proclaimed the performer. “We had a great time filming it.”

Based on the bestseller novel by Terry McMillan, “A Day Late and A Dollar Short” is the uplifting story of a mother (Whoopi Goldberg) trying to help her dysfunctional family through life’s ups and downs. The Lifetime original movie premieres on Saturday at 8:00 PM EST.

Hit the floorThis Memorial day, season two of VH1‘s number one scripted series “Hit The Floor” returns.

“I love, love, love playing Sloane,” exclaimed Elise. “James LaRosa (Creator), has created this amazing character for me. I never know what he is going to throw at me. I love that! He doesn’t box me in. He keeps it interesting.”

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Apple Mortgage Cake