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*Being mad at a person and coming for them is one thing, but coming for their child is another!

Don’t mess with a lioness’ cub(s). And that’s what Sundy Carter did to Draya Michele, which broke out into violence on “Basketball Wives: LA.”

But now Carter apologized for talking about Draya’s son.

“I apologize for speaking about her son. I was emotional. I was irate at the time. I was very out of line for saying that about her son,” Carter said during the reunion show on VH1.

Draya didn’t sit with her former cast mates. But she was seated backstage with Shaunie O’Neal — who asked her about her mindset before arriving in Palm Springs and punching Carter in the eye on the show.

“I knew when I was going to Palm Springs that I was going to whoop ass and take names. I knew she was going to push my buttons first,” said Draya who seemed intoxicated when she showed up for the cast vacation.

Draya recounted Carter calling her out of her name, but most importantly, coming for her son on the show.

“It was too much of the ‘my sons,’” Draya explained to Shaunie. “What makes another woman say that about somebody else’s child? You are sick and you need your a$s beat. Miami is who punched her in the eye. So, leave her alone. Stop bringing her up.”

Draya would’ve gotten physical with Jackie Christie too.

“If Jackie was outta line, I was going to handle her next,” Draya explained. “Jackie brought this fester, this disease of a person, to us to do her dirty work for her, and she did it better than Jackie.”

Although Carter apologized, this clearly doesn’t mean the two are cordial now.

“She [email protected] two people in the back of my friend’s car at her job,” Carter said. “You wanna get your hands dirty and hide them; I don’t. I’m very upfront….I’ll be the villain all day. I’m going to tell you to your face. I’m not going to sit up here and talk sh!t behind your back.”

Watch Draya Michele talk about the fight on the reunion show: