taraji p. henson

*Taraji P. Henson – who hosts the 2014 edition “Celebration of Gospel” tonight on BET –  stays busy working, and this year will be more of the same for her!

She’s starred on TV’s “Person of Interest” and has many new film roles coming out this year. Now she’s back on TV with “Empire.

Henson dished about her new TV role, many upcoming film projects and how other black female TV characters, Mary Jane and Olivia Pope are criticized.

“’Empire‘ is like “The Sopranos” meets “Dynasty,” plus hip-hop. The empire is a record label and Lucious (Terrence Howard), who plays my husband, is about to take the company public so they stand to make a lot of money.,” she said about her new TV role.

She continued with:

“My character and Lucious both sold drugs when they were really young and silly to start the record label so my character goes away, does 17 hard years, comes home and now that the company is about to make so much money, the crabs come out the barrel,” she said.

With so many projects coming out this year and her impressive film, TV credits, she stays working.

“God is good. What you’re about to witness is a perfect storm. It’s the perfect timing. I filmed “From The Rough” four or five years ago and back then I was like ‘It’s got to come out now’ and God was like I have a plan for you,” she said. “Watch what I do. So now I have a film coming out in the spring, I have one coming out in the summer, and I also have one coming out in the fall…” she said.

She talked about if her role on TV will be criticized like the leads from “Being Mary Jane” played Gabrielle Union and “Scandal” played by Kerry Washington.

 “Oh they’re gonna get me! ‘Why she gotta be comin’ out of jail! Why did she sell drugs?’ But you know what, at the end of the day did they complain when Charlize Theron played “Monster? Did they complain when Julia Roberts played a prostitute? And the argument to that is they have more roles, but those same roles get nominated for an Oscar.”

She continued with how people want more positive roles of black women.

“I understand the need for more positive, roles but at the end of the day Olivia Pope is fierce. So what she has a flaw! She’s human! Stop trying to make everything so perfect! Look at the lives she saves and the people she keeps from getting in trouble.”

And as for Mary Jane:

“’Being Mary Jane’, that lady has her issues, but what woman doesn’t? What person doesn’t? At the core of it all, she’s a good person. She’s just trying to find love.”

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