From The Rough

*”You only get one chance at life!”

Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson is starring as the first African-American woman to coach a men’s NCAA Division I golf team, in “From The Rough,” in theaters now.

“From The Rough” is the ground breaking true story of former Tennessee State University (TSU) golf coach Catana Starks.

“She has a very powerful story!” Said Henson. “I read the script and thought, ‘Wow! This woman actualized her dreams, even against the odds!'”

The actress confessed portraying a living hero was a little intimidating.

Catana Starks

“She told me not to worry about how I talk or how I walk, “shared the D.C. native. “Starks said, ‘the most important thing to me is the empowerment of women.'”

Henson chose the role because she wants people to see they can do anything they want, as long as they believe in themselves.

Taraji P. Henson

“It’s important to live to work and not work to live because you only get one chance at life!” Explained the Academy Award nominee. “Why not have fun?! Why not make your job something you love to do?! I tell my son all the time, ‘I can’t tell you what you want to do. I can’t be happy for you. That’s your decision. Do it and be happy…whatever it is!'”

Henson can see some of herself, in Starks.

From The Rough

“What I can relate to is her unshakable faith,” proclaimed the performer. “She believed in herself, regardless of people laughing at her and in her face. The strength she had to forge ahead is encouraging.”

Michael Clark Duncan

“From The Rough” is one of the last films to feature Michael Clarke Duncan. Duncan’s role can be described as the fairy Godfather.

“We had a very emotional scene – where Starks thinks she’s being fired,” described the artist. “But my tears weren’t coming out…and that’s when you rely on your partner…I looked up into those warm welcoming eyes…and then I just started balling. That is what a great acting partner does! He is defiantly missed.”

Dr. Starks’ TSU team set records at the 2005 PGA National Collegiate Minority tournament.