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RZA at Brick Mansions screening

*RZA surprised fans recently at a “Brick Mansions” screening at the AMC Theater on 34th Street in New York City.

Fans showed much love for RZA and his praises of beloved co-star Paul Walker.

RZA is the drug kingpin Tremaine and Walker is undercover cop Damien Collier in “Brick Mansions.”

The movie begins with a huge head shot of Walker as he turns to slip some soul sounds into his DVD player. And, of course, one cannot think anything but, ‘what a waste.’ His tragic death still haunts many of his fans. My first interview with Paul was in 1999. Through the years he never once changed; always the sweet, kind and engaging interviewee.

The music in “Brick Mansions” is off the hook and the action is non-stop. The film, in many instances, is homage to “New Jack City,” where New Jack Swing was a character in itself. You cannot forget Wesley Snipes’ performance as the infamous drug dealer Nino Brown in that urban groundbreaker. However, Brown died for his crimes.  Tremaine and his henchman end up heroes in “Brick Mansions.”

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