Tina & Erica Campbell*It looks like it will take more than begging to earn Tina Campbell’s forgiveness.

During the latest episode of “Mary Mary,” Tina’s husband Teddy tried to get the singer to welcome him back home despite her not getting over news about his string of extramarital affairs.

After telling Tina, “I want to come home,” Tina looked to be very conflicted about the having her husband in their house again.

“Deep down in my heart, I’d like to say yes. But the truth is, it wasn’t working when you was at home,” she admitted during a confessional. “Let’s keep some space between each other.”

Although she hoped a little more time apart would give her whatever it is she needed emotionally to welcome Teddy home, Tina’s resolve seemed to have hardened with the distance between them .

“I wanted to deep down inside change and feel like I could trust again, but this is too great and I just can’t do this,” the entertainer told Teddy during one phone call.

Tina isn’t the only Mary Mary member experiencing hardship. The singer’s sister, Erica, learned that she had bleeding around her vocal chord.

To see what Erica’s husband Warryn Campbell says about the situation, check out the video below: