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*”Too Close” singer Raphael Brown from the 90s R&B group Next is firing back at his estranged wife, Juliette Gil-Brown, who claimed he beat her…. even while pregnant.

Brown not only called her out for being a liar about the whole ordeal, he also had some statements in the court document that make her seem crazy.

And speaking of court doc, he filed a 250-page doc — flipping the script in response to her accusations.

In the doc, Brown stated his estranged wife is a manipulative, violent stripper, but that’s just a bit of it.

Also, he dismissed the claim she said he beat their children — stating he got temporary custody of their 7-month-old son while she was in jail.

Also, he claimed to never look at porn in front of their children — finding it ironic since she’s a stripper (a violent and manipulative one at that).

He claimed she’s actually the abusive and crazy one. His accusations are below:

On Facebook, she once changed her status to “widowed” after threatening to slit his throat.

Speaking of Facebook, she threatened a cancer patient and fan by telling her to… “stay the f*** off my husband’s page.”

Gil-Brown — who’s not black — went on a racist social media rant — calling Brown “a dirty ni**er” and claiming he’s “the reason ni**ers” are dying of AIDS.”

Yep, it’s all in the court document. This is the reason why Raphael Brown claimed Juliette’s own mother said, “the devil had taken over [Juliette’s] soul” and “she’s crazy.”

TMZ got some words from Gil-Brown, which could be used against her. The rant could only prove what Brown said in the document to be true!

She said her mother doesn’t like Brown and would never talk bad about her to him. But those words aren’t anything compared to what she called her estranged husband.

“He is a dirty ni**er … because he fits the stereotype of what a Black, ghetto person is,” Gil-Brown said.