gai scott - at hearing

Gai Scott, of Randolph. Mass., stands during an arraignment, Monday, March 31, 2014, in Plymouth, Mass. Scott was arraigned on charges in the shooting of his uncle and reality TV star Benzino, who was shot Saturday during a funeral procession.

*This is just some straight up mess we got right her.

News broke over the weekend about “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star  Benzino‘s nephew Gai Scott shooting him over a family feud at his mother’s funeral.

Well, now Scott finally spoke out about the attempted murder.

He said Benzino had been threatening his life (and basically Scott took matters into his own hands).

“I shot at him; I was in fear for my wife and a baby. He’s been threatening my life.”

Scott said his uncle was sending him threatening text messages the week prior to the shooting.

Scott said when he pulled up next to Benzino at the funeral, he started threatening him again.

Allegedly, the legal gun owner Scott saw his uncle flash his gun, so he pulled his out and fired first at his uncle.

But after his 9mm Walther pistol ran out of ammunition, he fired his .45-caliber gun.

This leaves the question is this really considered self defense? Only time will tell.

Scott’s response came after Benzino’s response to the shooting and family feud.

“In the past I felt like, yes, I felt like my sister and my nephew was taking advantage of my mother. Yes. I spoke up about it years ago. There had been loans taken out on her house.”

benzino bullet wounds,

Benzino is currently at home recovering from the bullet wounds — photos of which he posted.

“The one on the left went through the MadeMen shield and broke my bone, and still in there, the one on the right luckily just grazed my back #blessed,” Benzino noted.