Bradd Marquis*We’ve all been there, the in-between; that undesirable space betwixt love and heartache, when your heartstrings pull you both towards the love you know and the away from the pain it’s caused.

Soul singer Bradd Marquis’ latest single “Break Up”, featuring Tess Henley, speaks from the emotions stirred by that void and paints a picture of a relationship in distress.

Songs always tell of the break up or the aftermath, but rarely do we hear about those who make up and stay together. Bradd Marquis has launched a campaign to promote the experiences of those couples who’ve decided their love was worth saving, worked through the issues and allowed their love to find a way.

“The Make Up Campaign” allows fans to send Bradd Instagram-ready clips with their stories of making up and making love last. Many of those videos will find their way to Bradd’s Instagram page, and ultimately, a YouTube montage as a thank you for their submissions.

To participate in Bradd Marquis’ “Make Up” campaign send a short video, no more than 15 seconds, to him at [email protected].

Bradd Marquis Talks About “The Make Up” Campaign.

Click the player below to listen to “Break Up” by Bradd Marquis featuring Tess Henley.