arsenio buy clippers

*Arsenio had some fun Thursday night speculating who will become the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and announced he is making a bid to buy the team.

Arsenio said, “I’m Arsenio Hall, and I’m going to buy the Los Angeles Clippers…The Clippers deserve a better owner. They deserve an owner who will represent everybody. There’s only one little problem… I ain’t got one billion dollars.”

The night’s guest, Katt Williams, was the first donor, offering up $1600. Arsenio is now asking fans to show their support on Twitter using #ArsenioClipStarter.

The late-night host also admitted “I’m still figuring this sh*t out …”

Check out the clips below!

Help Arsenio Buy The Clippers

Katt Williams Donates To Help Arsenio Buy The Clippers

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