Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey completes first book about the rescue of three women and a 6-year-old child from the home of kidnapper, Ariel Castro.

*He told us he would do it one day, and that day is now here. Cleveland resident turned national hero, Charles Ramsey – the man who awakened on May 6, 2013 – a day he had no reason to believe would be unlike any other,  rescued three women and a child from the house of horrors they had involuntarily inhabited for a decade has now written his first book about the ordeal.

Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus and the  6-year-old daughter of one of the women — got a second chance at life when Ramsey heard Berry screaming from his neighbor’s home for help.

Ramsey opened up to in an exclusive interview following the completion of his book, and spoke about that spring day he helped rescue the three missing girls, and why he never suspected Castro was capable of anything so heinous.

“I was in my house in my living room sitting on the couch, when I heard banging and screaming and yelling from next door. I heard somebody screaming, saying, ‘Get me out of here!’ So I go outside, look at the porch and as I’m looking I see a hand waving out the screen door,” Ramsey told Radar.

“I see my neighbors all looking and think, how long have they all been looking and no one’s doing anything? I go off my porch and go close and say ask her what’s the matter. ‘I’m trapped in here, I’ve been here a long time and I want to get out,’ she said.”

(L-R) Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

(L-R) Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight

But Ramsey admits he wasn’t so eager to get involved at first, because, as he tells Radar, he thought maybe it was a domestic incident with Castro’s girlfriend, but quickly realized that was not the case.

“She says, ‘Please. Save me.’ I look at her and I said, ‘Okay, what do you want me to do?’ She said, ‘I don’t care, just get me out of here before he gets back,” he said.

“I got her out and she asked for a phone so I took her into my house and the kid with her is screaming and she won’t be quiet. Amanda said, ‘She wants her daddy. Daddy is Ariel.’

Ramsey says the young girl was screaming so loud that he eventually “told Amanda to go across the street and make a call, and that’s why there were two 911 calls at the same time.”

But it was not immediately known that other women were also in the house until later.

“They tried to put her in the ambulance and she said, ‘I’m not going anywhere until you get those two other girls out of the house!’ The police went nuts and rushed Ariel’s house,” he told Radar.

Castro hung himself in prison in 2013. Since that time Ramsey says the house where he held the women captive for a decade has been torn down and replaced by a public park.

Ramsey has done many interviews since the incident. And in 2013, according to Business Insider, admitted to being broke and homeless. Though he had been given thousands from private donations for his heroism, Ramsey confirmed that he used the money to buy himself a BMW and is now penniless.

The book should be an interesting read though; as there appears to be different versions of the story on how Ramsey actually came across the first victim.

In the interview with a local TV station, Ramsey said he was eating McDonald’s as he was walking outside and discovered Amanda Berry trying to escape from a door to Castro’s house. He told the news station that he helped her kick out the door. McDonald’s later offered him free food for a year.

But he tells Radar he heard banging ans screaming from inside his house and saw a hand waving from the screen door when he came outside.

Secondly, it would appear that since the rescue had to happen quickly, before Castro returned – as the first victim warned – and the women were then taken away in an ambulance, where is this content that Ramsey has filled up an entire book with, come from?

Mind boggling.

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