Christian Keyes

*Whew! Talk about being one of Hollywood’s hardest working actors yet still under the radar.

But Christian Keyes‘ career could catch fire soon!

He definitely has the film and TV projects to make that happen! And there are MULTIPLE projects he’s working on.

Keyes is writing, producing and starring in his own projects as well as other major Hollywood projects.

On TV,  he can’t be missed! He’s worked on  ABC’s “Mistresses” and “Agatha” as well as BET’s “Let’s Stay Together” and “Black Coffee,” and STARZ “Note to Self.”

But that’s not all!

Keyes is working on three film projects with Urban Books Media. All three projects are based on books by New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber. These films are “The Man in 3B,” “The Preacher’s Son and “The Choir Director.”

Weber is also publishing Keyes first novel, “Ladies Night.”

That’s dedication. And that dedication should pay off for Keyes in Hollywood.