*The self proclaimed villain of VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA wants you to hear her side of the story.

Sundy Carter, the newest cast member, sat down with EURweb associate Fahnia Thomas and talked about the reunion show, the ring on her finger, the fight with Draya Michele and Brandi Maxiell, and the Twitter picture.

EUR: Is this an engagement ring? Is it a promise ring? What kind of ring is it?

SC: A secretive ring. Like a secretive sort of situation. I am in a relationship.

Sundy Carter Ring

EUR: Is it true that you are engaged?

SC: Next question.

EUR: There are reports that Malaysia Pargo‘s family was in the audience during the reunion show? What happened during the altercation?

SC: It was out of control. Once it reached a certain level. I was in the middle of an apology to Draya – for what I said about her son – and I was interrupted very rudely by Brandi. I was called all kinds of names and that took me back to…day one when I met Brandi, then it took me back to other incidents with Brandi, then it took me back to Paris with Brandi. So I had, had enough. My emotions got the best of me.

Sundy Carter

EUR: Will you ever reconcile with Brandi?

SC: I can’t really say. The reunion was way too much. I don’t know where Brandi is right now mentally but where I am…I’m moving forward. If anybody wants to transgress and go backwards that is on them.

EUR: A lot of people on social media said you were being hypocritical by constantly bringing up Draya’s past. During the reunion, John Salley asked, ‘is there something else underlying with you and Draya?’

SC: Honestly, yes. But, I really would rather not talk about Draya because there has been so much talk about her. I don’t want to say anything negative. I’d rather leave the situation where it is.

EUR: Will you ever reconcile with Draya?

SC: Possibly. I don’t honestly have anything against Draya. It is up to the maturity and the person. I can’t speak for her. But for me whatever happened, happened. I was still able to shoot with her after the fistfight.

draya michele, sundy carter,

EUR: How did you feel about Draya hitting you in the face?

SC: I brought the girls to Palm Springs organically, to try to see if we could get along and things just went left. I really don’t think I provoked Draya hitting me. There were things that weren’t shown.

EUR: What do you want to get out of this interview?

SC: I’m really not the person people think that I am…you know like, the ‘villain.’ Even though I claimed it on TV. But that’s not who I am. I’m a really good person at heart. I’m not mean-spirited or evil.

EUR: You did say, “I look good being the villain!” Why did you say that?

SC: After watching the show, that’s what I saw myself as…the villain. That’s what I meant by that. I watched it and was like, ‘I do look good playing the villain.’ But the way it was cut, turned and twisted, that’s not really who I am. If people go to know who the real Sundy Carter is they would love me. I would be like America’s Sweetheart you know. Seriously, I would.

EUR: Viewers never saw the ‘sweetheart’ side of you, why?

SC: I don’t know why they didn’t show that. A lot of things just got deleted. That’s a question I really can’t answer, but you know maybe next season.

Sundy Carter

EUR: There are reports that you posted a picture of your child performing fellatio on social media. Is that true?

SC: There was an inappropriate picture put on Twitter and people were blaming me for doing it. You can’t fight the world to prove that you did or you didn’t do something, but I didn’t post the picture.

EUR: What do you want viewers to know about Sundy Carter?

SC: I am human just like everybody else. I make mistakes. I do speak out of turn sometimes. I speak without thinking, but I don’t have any malicious intent inside me. I know it seems crazy and kind of contradicting to say that because of what you’ve seen on TV but I really don’t. I am a loving mother, I’m a loyal friend, and I’m just a great person all the way around. I’m a humanitarian, I’m a business woman, I’m an actress.

EUR: Do you think you were portrayed accurately during the show?

SC: In some ways. I am very outspoken and say what’s on my mind, I think the producers like that and it’s very intriguing to watch…it causes drama and different emotions. I showed the loyal sided of me to Jackie Christie. In the beginning, I tried to get along with everybody. I feel like I was kind of provoked in the beginning…you know prejudged.

basketball wives la

EUR: How has being on reality TV changed your life?

SC: Its brought me and my children closer, they are very overprotective of me. To be spotted out or swamped when you go somewhere, fans want autographs and pictures…I am used to that because I have an acting background, but there is something about reality TV…people watch it and their like, ‘we don’t like her’ but when they meet me, it is a totally different story.

EUR: Will you return to the show for season 4?

SC: Yes.

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