*And the Millers continue their drama!

Sonya Miller fired back at Master P after he accused her of not only being on drugs, but doing drugs in front of their children.

She called out Master P as a liar! As for her children, she said her estranged husband brainwashed them into thinking she does drugs.

It makes her feel horrible her children think those things about her, but she claimed P is behind that madness.

She said he’s been using their children as pawns since she filed for divorce.

“When I filed divorce, that’s when he came and took my kids … I was the one dealing with and raising those seven kids when he was running the streets.”

She can’t wait to have her day in court.

But her estranged husband offered to give her anything she wanted in the divorce, and she does have demands — $67 million in demands.

The only catch would be is she would have to stop doing drugs!

Romeo Miller seemed to agree with his father as well — saying she needed to be a better mother.

But who’s telling the truth?

Watch Master P blast his estranged wife: