Jim Coughlan say I swear, “I didn’t know she was black”

Jim Coughlan says, ‘I swear, I didn’t know she was black.’

*Seriously, you have to wonder if some people’s head is so far up their butt that the oxygen is simply cut off and their ability to think straight has suffocated.

As high as the racial climate is in America today, you have to wonder about the mental state of someone that would come right out and say something so racially insensitive that it appears to be begging for backlash.

Especially someone running for a seat in the state Senate.

But then again, you have to consider the fact that such a person, in this case at least, is a republican. Ladies and gentlemen I am talking about Dutchess County Comptroller Jim Coughlan, who sent a tweet telling Harris-Perry to “keep your stinking paws off my kid, you damned dirty ape.”

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