kevin hart & mike epps

*Hmm, could it be that jealousy, er, professional envy is getting the best of Mike Epps to the point where he just can’t control himself and thereby exposes his true feelings towards Kevin Hart.

That very well could be the case ’cause on Friday during an interview with the  “DeDe in the Morning” show K104 in Dallas, Mike called out Kevin. Seems Epps thinks Hart is “loud, silly,” and completely … “overrated.” Uh oh.

Well you probably won’t be too surprised to learn that word got back to Hart who wasted no time taking to social media to let Epps know that he’s the one looking down at him, not the other way around:

“Until you do better with your ticket sales, leave Kevin Hart’s name out your mouth.”

KHart also tweeted these missives to Epps:

kevin hart - mike epps tweets