moises arias, willow smith

*Willow Smith took a controversial photo with actor (of “Hannah Montana” fame) Moises Arias.

The two actors are lying in bed with one another, but it seems as though folks are overreacting.

The two young stars are good friends and Arias is known for taking many photos with his celebrity friends.

Yet some are worried the 13-year-old Smith is growing up too fast!

raven symone

*In more positive news, Raven Symone is now a student at the Academy of Art University.

The singer-actress is now an artist and shared the great news on social media.

“It’s even more official. I’m a student! So happy! #academyofartuniversity #cryingontables #makinglifechanges #gaininghumancapital #hellyea.”

She showed off some of her artwork — like below:

raven symone,

Congrats, Raven!