monica lewinsky

*(Via iDateDaily) – Almost 20 years ago in 1995, a scandal involving then-President Bill Clinton and a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky (pictured above) exploded in the media.

Lewinsky, who initially claimed she wanted to maintain a low profile following the revelation of her affair with the president, has mysteriously decided to write a tell-all book about the matter. Many critics believe that Lewinsky is writing the book to revive her bank account, others believe she has been “planted” by ultra-conservatives in an attempt to distract Hillary Clinton from her presumed presidential run.

How should Hillary react to the news of her husband’s former mistress penning a tell-all book about the affair? This is a tough pill to swallow for anyone. After you and your spouse have moved on past that rocky time in the relationship, it’s hard to imagine having to be confronted by the matter once again.

If Hillary finds herself questioning her marriage due to this matter, she …

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