wendy williams & husband kevin

*(Via iDateDaily) – Wendy Williams is known for not holding anything back, even if she makes herself look like a fool to some.

In an interview with Vlad TV in 2013, the successful businesswoman, who made a name for herself by exposing the juiciest gossip in entertainment, spoke candidly about how she found out that her husband of 17 years, Kevin, was cheating.

During the interview, Williams says that she was up late one evening and heard some “greasy talk” in the other room, which prompted her to tip-toe to the door and listen to what was being said. Not going into specifics about what she heard her husband saying to the other woman, Williams said that the infidelity, ironically, made their marriage stronger.

The affair that Williams discussed during the interview occurred 13 years ago, and she said she doesn’t regret staying with her husband. When asked for her thoughts about open relationships, she said she knows “normal people” who have open relationships, but it’s not for her. She also said that cheating is not her “style” because she’s very much a relationship type of person.

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