donald sterling imposter*”Saturday Night Live” didn’t waste any time focusing in on the week’s biggest story, the Donald Sterling racist rant scandal. It was the show’s cold open.

In the skit, Sterling insisted he’s the real victim and has suffered a terrible “black eye, which we all know is the worst kind of eye.”

And to make up to black folks he wants to take them on a cruise “on a wondrous journey to the ivory coast of Africa to never come back.”

Also, he’s stepped up his mistress game. Instead of half black the new one is “three-quarters black.” And, oh yeah,  Dennis Rodman loves him.

And of course they went in on the L.A. NAACP for being sellouts for Sterling’s money. Of all the elements in the skit, we think that one (the NAACP) was the only one that was actually funny. But hey, check it out below and you decide.