*More good news for Richard Sherman!

He’s now the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL thanks to the Super Bowl-winning Seattle Seahawks — after signing a four-year extension.

But he’s still focused on having his head in the game.

“I don’t care for that,” Sherman said. “The only list I care about being at the top of is interceptions.”

Nevertheless, the four year extension is worth $57.4 million over the next five years. He signed a four-year deal in 2011, which he’ll make $1.4 million off of this year.

But Sherman did make himself clear when he said, “there is no other city or team that I would want to play football for.”

Although making the most money as CB wasn’t the goal, the money represents the respect.

“It’s about respect,” he told The Seattle Times. “Whatever the team feels I deserve, the respect they feel — that (money) is the respect from the team. That’s how they show it, at least in this game. In other aspects of life it may be different. You may show respect in different ways. But in this game that’s how they show it.”