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*(Los Angeles, CA) – Leigh Steinberg who has represented over 150 professional athletes in his career as owner of Steinberg Sports, calls into Maria Menounos’ Black Hollywood Live  Black Sports Weekly to talk technicalities of the Donald Sterling racism situation and explains what he would say to the 2014 Heisman winner Jameis Winston if he was advising him right now.

Leigh Steinberg explains on Black Sports Weekly, that due to Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers who was recorded on the phone to his mistress saying racial comments, the “whole brand of the NBA was threatened.” Due to these remarks Steinberg says “good luck” to Sterling taking this matter to court because “getting a judge to take some form of lawsuit or objection” will be hard. Steinberg thinks that it will be hard for anyone to take his side on this matter, especially a judge, because the backlash has been so huge.

leigh steinberg

Leigh Steinberg

Steinberg does, however, think that there will be a “happy ending” to this situation as there will now be a more “racially diverse ownership group that more reflects Los Angeles.” He also adds that to the Clippers this “Sterling thing will fade, but the chance to win an NBA championship is on a totally different level, it’s separated from the racial fury.”

Steinberg also touched on 2014’s Heisman winner, Florida State’s Jameis Winston making headlines again for allegedly stealing crabs legs from a Publix supermarket. He said that Winston could be drafted into the NFL in 2015 and has the “potential to be a major American superstar.” But, Steinberg added that if he was advising him he would tell him he has to” circumspect his behavior” and realize “(he is) not being judged by the same standards as the man on the street.”