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*VH1’s “This is HOT 97” Reality Show bust out the seams with great ratings, reviews and a new spin on radio.

Despite what some may think, this isn’t your basic, ordinary show where they place cameras in your face, it’s a real show.

Our associate, LaCora Stephens, met up with Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds to discuss the hit “fakeality” as Rosenberg describes it.

Every Monday on VH1 at 10:30pm viewers get an inside comical look at what goes on at the preeminent hip hop radio brand in the history of the culture; according to Rosenberg. He goes on to say:

“Whether you love it or hate it, it’s something new that’s never been done before.”

Cipha Sounds compared the show as a mix of “The Office” and “Curb your Enthusiasm,” with no writers of course. However, he explained how people, some haters some lovers, make it seem as though things are fake, but he assured us, that things are indeed real. For example, the whole Ebro situation wearing lip gloss and infinity scarf. “No disrespect people, but open your eyes and pay attention”, exclaimed Cipha Sounds.

Rosenberg and Cipha have great chemistry on the show as you see throughout the interview when they discuss haters, the competition or lack thereof from other hit radio show: “The Breakfast Club.”  At one point, Rosenberg calls Charlamange tha god a liar regarding competition, while Cipha laughs at a hater calling him heart disease. However, they get serious about WuTang bringing art back to hip hop. They don’t always agree which gives a balance and contrasting perspectives about great topics like the state of hip hop or the top emcees.

Their candor, charisma and comedy bring a great dynamic to the show. Of course you’ll see celebrities like Kanye West, Macklamore, Rick Ross and others, but the cast: Ebro, Angie Martinez, Funk Flex, Cipha, Rosenberg and more are certainly celebs in their own right.

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