usher, good kisser

*The week of May 5 is going to be a big week for Usher!

He’s releasing his new song, “Good Kisser,” to iTunes, Amazon, etc. and music video to VEVO on the same day (May 5).

And from the preview of the music video, “Good Kisser” is a (steamy) hot, dance-pop song with Usher busting smooth moves all over the place.

Watch a sneak peak of the music video:

Pebbles Reid with Tionne and Chilli

*In other news, Usher’s ex, Chilli, is positive Peebles is NOT going to get too far with her lawsuit because TLC told the truth about their former manager in VH1’s “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.”

But of course, Pebbles feels unjustly portrayed — calling out the film for “many false and defamatory statements.”

“When you’re doing a movie like that some stuff has to be fantasized, but Pebbles couldn’t sue us because we didn’t lie,” Chilli said. “In that case, she ain’t had no case.”

As for their pay of $25 a week?! , “That was true. That was very true,” Chilli confirmed.