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*“I do all my friend’s hair” explains Kiyah Wright, star of OWN’s new hit docu-series “Love in the City.”

But her fellow friend and cast mate, Tiffany, displays a difference of opinion; taking issue with Kiyah’s approach to her hair. Tiffany simply has another stylist.

In addition to the lack of communication, interracial dating, breast cancer, and fertility are a few other life experiences covered in the hit show. No glass throwing, hair pulling, or bullying. Just good ole’ fashion passive aggressive behavior delivered by the four best dressed women in New York.

When asked what sets her show apart from other female ensemble casts, like the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” or “Blood, Sweat, and Heels,” Kiyah Wright says, “’Blood, Sweat, and Heels,’ for instance, is like a show where all the women seem like amazing women.”

She continues: “But I don’t know if these women are real friends. Our show is a docu-series because it is really documenting our real lives. We are not cut and paste together having these meet ups. And then disagreements happen and that’s when fights happen. If you put women in a room who don’t know each other, you’re going to have a difference of opinion. Our goal is to be friends and stay friends. Our goal is to get to the end at the same time. Who wants to have fun at the top alone.”

“There is no threat here because we are confident in what we do. Normally you don’t see that in friends. One might be weaker than the other, or prettier than the other. In this bunch, everybody gets their own shine on their own. Fighting and throwing drinks is unnecessary, especially at 40. I would just be ashamed of myself,” shares Wright.

Wright, the “Carrie” of the group (think “Sex and the City”), summing it up in three words says “self, friendship and fashion” are the reasons to watch Saturdays at 10pm E/P on OWN.

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“Love in the City” follows the adventures of two time emmy award winning hairstylist Kiyah Wright and her life-long friends Tiffany, Bershan, and Chenoa. Deemed the “Paul Mitchell of textured haircare,” Kiyah was approached by Angela Steed to bring her unique style and sisterhood to the small screen in real big way.

“Everybody is taking risk with color and their length. The 22 to 32 inch weave and cutting it really short are in. Rose-gold and pastels are big for hair color this season” says Wright.

And Kiyah Wright knows hair! 15 years in the business, she is a brand ambassador for Clairol Professional and has coiffed the crowns of Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Kerry Washington and many more.

“My goal is to give everyday women that Hollywood look,” affirms Wright.

She believes everyone who sits in her chair is her “muse.” Putting her money where her mouth is, off camera, Kiyah Wright spreads her innovative haircare line rightfully named Muze. The Muze || Hair product line includes a range of styling products for straight to kinky textures, including the popular “Last Look” hairspray. Kiyah works the Muze || Hair magic to smooth over her friends’ trials and tribulations. Instead of retail therapy, she provided hair therapy during Chenoa’s separation from her husband and Bershan’s miscarriage.

Wright says, “We have to be patient with each other and communicate. We are growing everyday and readjusting our goals. So it’s our duty to make it work.”

Kiyah moved back to New York from Los Angeles, to not only be closer to her friends, but expand her business and family. Yes, she wants to be a mom soon. She noticed her Armenian beau at a trendy restaurant in Los Angeles. Seven months would pass before their first official encounter. And within two days they were living together.

“When I say a ‘baby daddy’, I’m talking short. I want a father. I want us to share responsibilities in raising a child. I want my child to be in a two-parent home. It wasn’t my reality, but I feel kids need both parents. I want a father, a husband and partner,” clarifies Wright regarding recent comments made on the show.

From a cultural standpoint, she found the biggest difference between her current boyfriend and the black men she has dated in the past is family values. Kiyah had no problem getting her beau to appear on the small screen. And speaking of on-air couples, we asked her what she thought about Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape.

“Mimi and Nikko killed it. I am going to buy the tape, Kiyah responded. “I’m supporting the movement. But I would never make a sex tape. Well, never say never … but it’s not on my agenda anytime soon. I am not that confident to be on television with my cooch in the air. They did a great job! Her hair was camera ready!”

Story by Qn. Everlena Brown, a media personality who professionally models, designs clothes, sings & write songs, acts a fool and produces for television & film. Based in Atlanta, GA, she is currently attending Ashford University online for journalism/mass communications. For more info, visit: or email her via: [email protected].