Leon Jenkins leaves his post as president of NAACP Los Angeles chapter

*Put your hands in the air if you were surprised to hear that NAACP president, Leon Jenkins, has turned in his resignation.

Hello…You there?

It was bound to happen. Amidst the public relations nightmare called Donald Sterling, and his connection to the NAACP, you know the  media was going to start digging deeper into the background of Jenkins, who – until Thursday – headed the L.A. chapter. And you know what happens when you start to dig, you find a lot of dirt below the surface.

As it turns out, Mr. Jenkins is no stranger to dirt.

As a matter-of-fact, at this point one might ask,

How much time do you have?

According to Michigan and California records, Jenkins was a former district court judge in Detroit who was indicted in 1988 in federal court for bribery, racketeering, mail fraud, extortion, and conspiracy.

Though he was acquitted, he was removed from the bench in 1991 based on evidence that he “systematically and routinely sold his office.”

They say he took bribes to dismiss traffic tickets, accepted gifts from attorneys who appeared before him, and used his office to secure the release of a personal acquaintance without legal justification.

Legal and state bar records show he lied about his home address so he could get a lower auto insurance premium, and he solicited an individual to commit perjury during a federal investigation of his conduct. He also engaged in improper private conversations with counsel during the course of trials.

Because of his misconduct in Michigan, he was disbarred in 1994 and lost his right to work as a lawyer. This also happened in 2001, in California, where he had been practicing law as a plaintiff’s lawyer and civil rights attorney since 1991.

Jenkins has tried to resume his legal career at least twice while in California. Both times he was rejected by the State Bar.

“Jenkins still has not established the requisite rehabilitation and moral fitness to resume the practice of law.”

He is said to have consistently misrepresented his income – once on a rental application; and also didn’t disclose as much as $660K he owed to former clients from a civil suit he handled.

Jenkins was also convicted in 2008 for reckless driving involving alcohol.

At this point one has to wonder if the NAACP ever conducted a background check?

You get the drift by now. There’s a lot more too! Read about it at BuzzFeed.