*Aaliyah fans aren’t having it. They’re following the lead of the late singer’s family as far not being down for Lifetime‘s TV biopic.

Those fans have penned a petition calling for production to not go forward. “It’s wrong that Aaliyah’s mother or brother didn’t have a say so in this movie that is being made,” reads the petition, which has 2400 signatures so far.

In addition to not want to film to even happen, fans are also against the casting of Disney star Zendaya as Aaliyah. Zendaya responded to critics via her Twitter page saying, “I’m just a 17 year old girl who got cast to play one of her biggest inspirations.”

The film’s casting director has also reportedly defended the actress saying, “Zendaya embodies everything you want in a Actress to play Aaliyah. She is a Poised, Professional, STRONG Actress…She LOVES AALIYAH. Although there are rumors that Aaliyah’s family is against the film, there is no official word from them yet

doc rivers

*On the sports front, the Los Angeles Clippers have restructured their basketball chain of command, changing coach Doc Rivers‘ front-office title to president of basketball operations. And yes, Rivers will continue to coach the Clippers under the changes made Monday.

Meanwhile, Rivers’ longtime Rivers assistant Kevin Eastman will become the Clippers’ vice president of basketball operations, reporting to Rivers and supervising the franchise’s basketball dealings.

Pro scouting director Dave Wohl was named the Clippers’ general manager, and former GM Gary Sacks was demoted to assistant general manager. Wohl has spent more than four decades in the NBA, including a stint as New Jersey’s head coach.

As we reported, the Clippers won the Pacific Division and then reached the second round of the Western Conference playoffs this spring while owner Donald Sterling was being forced out of the league for racist remarks.