Angie-Martinez*Days after leaving New York’s Hot 97, Angie Martinez is reflecting on what lead her to join rival radio station Power 105.

“The Voice of New York’s” headline making power move was one of many topics addressed Tuesday during her appearance on The Breakfast Club.

According to Martinez, her decision to call it quits at Hot 97 after 20 years involved an opportunity for growth. Among the celebrities supporting her move were Rihanna, who sent the iconic DJ flowers and Wale, who sent Martinez “a really nice long email.”

Below are highlights from Angie Martinez’s chat with The Breakfast Club:

On why she left Hot 97:
Honestly, it was time for me to grow and do things. This company (Power 105) offers so much opportunity for growth. I want to be on in different cities. I want to be able to grow. I want to be able to have new challenges and see new things. I want to see how this studio works. I feel like I have done what I can for [my last] company and I feel like my friendships remain [there].

On keeping her decision a secret until the last minute:
I’m a vault. Anybody who’s my friend knows you can trust me with anything because I really don’t believe in telling secrets. Because I feel like everybody has a friend so if I tell you something and I trust you, you got a friend you trust too. So when it’s time to hold something in, I hold it down.

Also for my own, I didn’t want any opinions. Because everybody got an opinion. I really wanted to make the decision myself and feel good about it and feel like this is the best thing for my future and my family without noise of other people’s opinions. So I said nothing to nobody and neither did Thea. She’s a vault also. So I had it for a little bit but I told nobody… my man, I told him!

On being called disloyal for joining Power 105:
People leave jobs all the time. I’m not disloyal at all. I’ve always been extremely loyal. I put, I don’t know how many years of my life down for that company. Even the highest of higher ups, when I meant to make the first call to say ‘I decided to take this amazing offer that I got,’ they said, ‘You served this company so well for so many years that I can do nothing but wish you well.’ It was no ‘How dare you, how could you leave us?!’ It was emotional but nobody felt like [I was] doing the wrong thing. Everyone said, ‘You’re doing the right thing.’

I was prepared for [the worst]. As crazy as that sounds, I was prepared for the lockout. But it was like ‘We wish you well. We’re going to send you off properly and good luck to you.’

On interviewing Tupac in early in her career and why she hasn’t released the full interview:
I was a baby. It’s really like 2 hours long. I wish the me now could interview him because he ran all over me in that interview. He was so smart and I was just like trying to play catch up. It was my first time realizing that an interview could actually mean something to the culture. To the people who hear it. I felt a certain responsibility after doing that. That if I release it, it could either way.

Even to this day- I’m so sorry to the people that- there are people that tweet me everyday like, ‘Why are you holding on? Release the Tupac tape!’ And I want to, because it’s part of history, but I also feel like he was so angry and emotional at the time that certain people will be hurt by certain things that he said. I haven’t been given the sign that it’s okay. Whenever that happens, and I feel good about it, I’ll release it but I still have a certain uneasiness about it.

On why Pac chose her for the interview:
He said that when he was in jail, he was listening to radio in New York and I was the only person who didn’t dirty his name or say things that wasn’t factual and he respected that. And it’s crazy because when he passed, someone forwarded me a note that he had written to me after he passed and I never got it and it ended up being in one of those Pac memorial places. So I have it now and it’s framed in my kitchen.

To see Angie Martinez’s full interview with The Breakfast Club, check out the video below: