SunroomOrangedress*Avery*Sunshine tells the truth. Not just her truth, but the truths of those who listen to her music and attend her shows.

It’s not that she’s reading fortunes or having visions, it’s more closely related to her experience in life and the context of clarity in which she views it with.

It’s one of the many gifts she’s received from God. Another one of those gifts is her amazing voice; a voice that elicits smiles and tears, joy and a spirit of comfort and calm.

It’s that voice, her view of life and the ability to translate it all musically and lyrically that makes Avery*Sunshine so special.

With the release of The Sunroom, she’s composed an album that tells the full truth of love, as uncomfortable as some of it may be. In an Avery*Sunshine album, love is inspiration, longing, pain, abandonment, cleansing, powerful and redemptive. It’s debilitating for many, but the strength most of us use to move on. Love is what’s seen in Avery*Sunshine’s smile and in her knowing that who she is plentiful, as she builds on the momentum of her 2010 self-titled debut album.

That album, which featured “All in My Head and The Ugly Part of Me,” has allowed Ms. Sunshine to bring her brand of truth telling to stages across the world. It was in her travels that much of The Sunroom was conceived; through her interactions and experiences, she was able to identify just what she needed to share with the world a_153_article-small_42399this time around. One song that’s made it from her live show to the album is “Safe in His Arms,” the Darius Miller gospel classic that’s moved many concertgoers to tears. It’s become a staple in her show and really displays her full range, vocally and spiritually, which allows her to press on despite being an industry designed to tear at her soul.

Aside from her faith, she credits musical partner Dana Johnson and her family with keeping her grounded and focused on the goal of speaking her painful truth to the world. A part of that truth is found in “Call My Name,” the album’s lead single and statement on a relationship that’s forgotten its purpose. You can hear the pain in her voice, the longing for how things used to be, but also the resolve for finding a way to work through this rough patch. It’s more of what we need to hear and radio is responding; the song is being added to playlists and getting more spins by the day, while the video was released to this week and has already found a spot in VH1 Soul’s rotation.

Avery*Sunshine’s The Sunroom is available wherever good music is sold. Purchase your copy today and hear her sing the painful truth.

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Below, watch Avery*Sunshine’s “Call My Name” Directed by Konee Rok: