ron stallworth

*An African American policeman from Colorado somehow infiltrated a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan for seven months in the late 70s, even fooling Grand Wizard David Duke .

It all started when Stallworth spotted a recruitment ad for the KKK and decided to take action.

“As an intelligence detective, it was my job to work with subversive groups, and they are a domestic terrorist group,” Stallworth told The National Enquirer. “I couldn’t let them advertise without responding. They were a threat to my city!”

While talking to members of the local chapter over the phone, Stallworth admitted to The Enquirer that he used “their buzzwords of hate” to convince them that he was white and that he shared their beliefs. He even told a Klansman that he was furious with his sister because she was “dating a n**ger.”

“You’re just the kind of person we’re looking for,” the Klansman told the undercover cop.

When it came time to attend meetings and make appearances, Stallworth had a white co-worker go in his place. Although they had everything under control most of the time, there still were a few scary run-ins.

Stallworth was once working on security duty (as himself) for Grandmaster David Duke and two other Klansmen whom he’d spoken to on the phone. “I was worried they might recognize my voice,” he told The Enquirer. But they did not.

Once Stallworth completed his undercover mission with the KKK, he came to some conclusions.

“The KKK are not the brightest lightbulbs in the socket,” he said. “We should challenge them at every opportunity. We can, as a people, defeat them.”

Stallworth details the story in his newly-released book Black Klansman.

Black Klansman Book Cover