black women run hollywood

*Under the guise of the film, My Sister’s Wedding, star Jurnee Smollet is at what she believes is the opening night of the film at the Arclight Theater in the heart of Hollywood.

But as she is escorted inside, she is met by a shrouded Meagan Good, who escorts her “underground,” to a secret society of women the likes of Alfre Woodard, Tracy Ellis Ross, and Loretta Devine – all wearing monk-like, hooded robes and acting very mysterious.

In the dungeon-like atmosphere, while footage of vintage black and white films show black women in minor roles, Woodard steps forth and asks the startled young actress “Haven’t you ever wondered why black women play such minor roles in movies, why more of us aren’t directors or producers? And Smollet responds, shrugging, “Racism, sexism, both?”

“We have been flying under the radar darling,” Woodard responds with a smug smile, “to maintain complete control. Every movie you see, every song you think you like, every TV show in your DVR…

Loretta Divine interrupts,

“We put them there sugar.”

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