brandon p bell

*Brandon P. Bell, Tiffany Lonsdale and Jacqueline Byers have padded the cast of Syfy’s six-hour miniseries, “Ascension,” reports

The project stars Tricia Helfer and Brian Van Holt and is set aboard the starship “Ascension,” where hundreds of men, women and children sent on a covert, century-long mission to populate a new world. But as they approach the point of no return 50 years into the journey, the murder of a young woman causes the ship’s population to question the true nature of their mission.

Bell plays the confident and capable First Officer Oren Gault, who was born to maintenance workers on the lower decks. An honest and extremely capable Executive Officer, his mettle is tested when he’s ordered to investigate the murder, a job for which Gault thinks he is wholly unprepared.

Lonsdale plays Chief Astronomer Emily Vanderhaus, the murder victim’s older sister whose rocky marriage with Safety Officer Duke Vanderhaus will be put to the test by this family tragedy.

Byers plays Nora Bryce, who is under intense familial pressure to follow her mother by apprenticing at the medical center but instead finds herself drawn to the Terraforming Department and the promise of building a new world. Angered by the shocking murder, Nora refuses to let the matter die, and is intensely interested in seeing the killer apprehended.