christina milian jas prince

*Christina Milian called off her year-long engagement to Jas Prince last week.

She moved out of her shared home with the music producer as well.

And critics had been coming for her for the decision of leaving him.

Milian never gave a specific reason for the break up, but there’s new indication as to what caused the break up.

And social media bullies aren’t helping in Milian’s decision to call of the relationship.

An instagram user criticized the decision to leave him and Milian didn’t take too kindly to it.

“I know one thing, you better still be with Jas. He seems like a good guy who really loves you and Violet. Don’t slip up.”

And she quickly responded — defending her decision to leave Jas Prince behind while providing some details on what could have caused the break up.

“I’m not. You should’ve told HIM not to slip up. But everyone’s really caught up in what they see only on Instagram. I can make everything “appear” perfect to the works, but my truth is still the truth.”

The ex-couple became engaged in May 2013 — ending more than a  year of engagement.