porsha williams

*”The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and “Dish Nation” co-host Porsha Williams talked about herself in third person!

Williams confirmed she is returning to “RHOA” and wanted to let everyone know why she deserves to return.

But one of her co-workers at “Dish Nation” said she needs anger management before she returns after getting into a physical altercation with Kenya Moore during the “RHOA” reunion.

“I believe she deserves the opportunity,” Williams said, speaking about herself in the third person and while a co-worker made a funny face.

Williams added about herself, “she should be able to come back. You know, people are interested in her life. I think it’s great for her.”

But one of co-workers beg to differ.

“I don’t know. I’m still on the fence if she should go back on that,” Gary with da Tea said.

He added, “because it was violence. The kids saw that. The kids saw fighting and fighting is just not a good thing. When you fight you should have to deal with your consequences. I think she should be put on a suspension, at least go to some kind of anger management class. Because that was just violence.”

But she jokingly threatened him after he said she needed anger management.

“I think we going to have some violence here at Dish Nation if you keep on,” Williams said before sharing a laugh with Gary.

Watch Williams below: