donald-sterling*Is Donald Sterling mentally capable of determining the fate of his LA Clippers?

That’s the question everybody wants an answer to as a trial will be held next month to determine whether the controversial LA clippers owner was properly removed as an ad,

The Associated Press reports that a probate court judge in Los Angeles denied Shelly Sterling‘s request to confirm her authority as sole administrator of The Sterling Family Trust so she can unilaterally proceed with a $2 billion sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

However, the judge agreed to an expedited hearing because of looming sales deadlines. The four-day trial is set to begin July 7. The deadline for the sale of the Clippers is July 15, according to the AP, which also noted that July 15 is the date the NBA’s owners hope to gather to vote on whether they will approve the sale.

On Wednesday, court filings indicated a hard deadline to sell the team was set by the NBA. If the sale isn’t completed, the league will undertake proceedings to seize and sell the team on its own.

Donald and Shelly Sterling were not present during Wednesday’s hearing. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver weighed in on the situation on Wednesday during an NBA cares event in Miami.

“I just want to resolve this as quickly as possible,” Silver said.

The Sterling case will mostly examine whether Donald Sterling is mentally competent to be a co-trustee of The Sterling Family Trust. The Trust, overall, gives Sterling authority to determine the team’s future.

The judge’s decision is the latest in a series of issues following the NBA’s decision to ban Donald Sterling for life after racist remarks to a girlfriend mad were recorded and publicized. A defiant Donald Sterling is not taking things lying down as he fights the decision and sues the league for $1 billion.

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