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*Claude, you said,

“He [President Obama] has actually caused me not just to totally dislike him and disrespect his leadership abilities, but now, because of him, I have the same feelings about Muslims.”

First, you and you’re GOP counterparts aren’t fooling anybody. You don’t disrespect President Obama’s leadership. In fact, just the reverse is true – you are shocked, awed, and severely dismayed over how much more competent and intelligent this Black president is over any White man you’ve ever known, and it’s causing you to struggle through a severe case of cognitive dissonance, because it forces a reality down your throat that you’d rather die than accept – that there’s nothing special about being born White. Now, that isn’t to say that there aren’t many very special, and brilliant, White men and women, but they didn’t get that way by virtue of being born White. They got that way through a personal investment that they made in themselves.

Secondly, President Obama is not responsible for you’re distaste for Muslims. You were probably a bigot long before Barack Obama was born. So don’t try to lay your backward-thinking, bigoted attitudes at Barack Obama’s feet. You’re a bigot because you’re ignorant, the poster child for profound mediocrity, and your self-esteem requires you to desperately hang on to your delusional belief system in order to maintain any sense of significance whatsoever.
So again, what you – and the entire wing-nut fringe of the GOP – actually dislike about Obama’s leadership is that he causes you to experience cognitive dissonance. All your life you’ve been able to delude yourself into believing that regardless to how drenched in mediocrity you might be, you could always take comfort in the fact that you are superior to Black people. But now, these ‘uppity’ Black people like Barack Obama – and myself, by the way – have come along and thrown a pie in the face of your delusions of grandeur. Don’t you realize that there are literally millions of us out here who KNOW how miserable that makes people of your ilk feel? And we’re getting a very special kind of joy out of watching it?

And Claude, now that we’re having this discussion, I want to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to you and all the people like you. Because you people literally created me, and many more Black people just like me, who are quietly investing in themselves and growing in cocoons all across this nation. Due to your constant need to validate and reinforce your delusion of superiority, you’ve indulged in the studied propensity to constantly focus on the most dysfunctional 10 to 15% of the people in the Black community, and you’ve totally ignore the very people that you should have been watching – the highly functional 85% of Black people – and that, has been a grievous error on your part, an error that Barack Obama’s appearance on the scene – seemingly from out of nowhere – clearly demonstrates.

Oh, wait a minute! You didn’t think Barack Obama was an aberration, did you? Not hardly, buddy. There are tens of thousands of Black people across this country who are capable of wearing your ass out – intellectually, professionally, or in any other way you choose to compete. In fact, every Black person that’s considered your professional peer is actually, more often than not, your superior, because they’ve been forced to spot you 20 yards and run against you in lead boots, and they’ve still managed to remain competitive. So many of us – the Black silent majority – have prepared our entire lives for this marathon. Personally, I can assure you that I have invested in myself with a fierce and dedicated determination for my entire adult life to make you feel just like you’re feeling right now, and believe me, it feels wonderful – it’s right up there with sex.

So let there be no doubt about it, Barack Obama is getting a very special kind of joy out of watching all you bigots struggle with your self-esteem. He’s taking your unfounded delusions of superiority and beating you about the head with them, just like I do with you routinely, professor.

So don’t you think for a moment that you’re jumping up-and-down about Obama’s ” incompetence is fooling anybody in America but yourself, as evidenced by the last election. We all know what’s going on – including many White people. You’re in absolute misery, and we’re taking great pleasure in watching your agony. Because we know why you’re ACTUALLY screaming. You’re not screaming over Obama’s alleged corruption or incompetence; you’re screaming in agony over having the hell beat out of you with your own bat, and it’s an absolutely exhilarating thing to watch.

Consider this a teaching moment, professor, and take special note of this bludgeoning:


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Eric Wattree

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