*News reporter Mario Diaz of New York station PIX 11 was minding his own business Friday (June 27), doing a live report on the recent arrest of actor Shia LaBeouf – when all of a sudden, a woman walked up and tried to kiss him.

The woman was Erykah Badu – in a large white hat and black coat.

As seen in the video below, Diaz was reporting on LaBeouf’s arrest during a production of “Cabaret” at New York’s Studio 54 on June 26, when a smiling Badu walked up behind the journalist and attempted to kiss him before getting pushed away.

She smiles at the camera and then lunges to kiss him on the cheek but he recoils and pushes her away. Badu then makes a vulgar hand gesture.

Watch below:

Shortly after the 5 p.m. broadcast on June 27, observers on Facebook and Twitter reportedly pointed out that the woman in the broadcast was Badu. When asked on Twitter if she was the woman in the video, Badu simply replied, “nope.”

But hours later the singer tweeted an apology to Diaz.