Lee Bailey and Ron Brewington

Lee Bailey and Ron Brewington

Radio broadcast pioneer Lee Bailey appeared with host Ron Brewington on the ActorsE Chat show. Watch the video as Bailey offers some insight to his long and illustrious journey in broadcasting.

Born in the southern town of Moreland, Georgia where writers Lewis Grizzard, and Erskine Caldwell (Tobacco Road and God’s Little Acre) also hail from, Bailey’s family moved to Pittsburgh, PA where he says, ‘classmates ruthlessly teased me about my southern accent.’ He said that made him change the way he talked and he developed a style for which he is now so famously known as ‘The Voice.’

He says he joined the Air Force in order to avoid the draft during the Vietnam conflict and while he was stationed in Sacramento, CA he would hang out at different radio stations learning all he could. He landed his first radio show at station KPOP in Roseville, CA. One day a program director heard his voice on the air and asked that he come work for him in D.C. He said it was one thing after another that propelled him to success.

After moving to Los Angeles, Bailey created a format called RadioScope that debuted on station KACE. He says RadioScope was solid journalism for radio like “60 Minutes” is to television. At its peak the “Scope” was on 150 stations.

It’s a very interesting and colorful interview. When Brewington asked how he’d like to be remembered Bailey says, ‘As a good guy…someone who contributed to the betterment of society…someone who helped somebody else.’

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