Female Defensive Back, University, Shelby Osborne

Shelby Osborne is believed to be making history as the first female Defensive Back, especially at the university level.


Talk about “breaking the ‘grass’ ceiling!” According to a Daily Mail article, first-time female college defensive back, Shelby Osborne, has done just that. Motivated by the bad performance of her Jeffersonville High football team at Sectionals, the 18-year-old went on a mission to conquer the sport herself.

‘We weren’t playing so hot or even to the best of our ability,’ she told SB Nation of the team at the time.

‘I said to myself, ”I could play better than that,” and that’s what planted the seed in my mind that this might actually be possible!

She began to work out, and even made the team for senior year. But Osborne, who resides in Jefferson, Indiana, had the hardest time as a female, convincing universities to take her seriously as a football player. She corresponded to school coaches via email and letters and was getting mad love for her enthusiasm, but once they found out she was a girl, all communications just stopped.

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