*Yep, the headline says it all.

A former Philadelphia (unnamed) cop is suing Meek Mill for ruining his career and sex life.

The former cop was involved in Mill’s failed lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia.

Mill was pulled over in October 2012 with his entourage and said they were racially profiled.

Although the police claimed they smelled marijuana in the car, none was found.

Mill sued the city for missing a paid appearance due to the 10-hour detainment.

He lost the case. He respected the decision, but wasn’t surprised about it.

“They ain’t from where I’m from,” he stated. “I [don’t] really expect them to understand what I go through.”

Now the former cop claims Mill’s case ruined his career. Shortly after the incident, the cop was fired for unrelated reasons.

The cop said he was portrayed negatively due to Mill’s generated media attention and also, it “had a strong affect on my relationship performance with my fiancée.”

The ex-cop is suing for $750,000 in damages.