fantasia*You can take the lady out of the R&B, but you can’t take the R&B out of the lady.

Such is the case with Fantasia. Although she’s established in the world of soul music, the North Cakalaky  (Carolina) vocalist harbors a desire to branch out into an edgier sound when she returns to the studio. According to, Fantasia is clear on what musical direction she’s veering towards, regarding her next album.

“This whole rock soul direction has been on my heart. I’ll always be soulful: I started singing in the church at the age of five. So that will never go anywhere,” she told Billboard. “There’s a certain side of me that wants to tap into that whole rock world. It’s hard to come from R&B to that, but it’s something I believe in and will fight for.”

As for getting to that level, Fantasia had no problem mentioning her favorite producer, Harmony Samuels, as the person best suited for providing the sonic backdrop for that sound.

“We’re going back in the studio soon,” the singer said, while expressing how she doesn’t want to break up the chemistry between them. “I feel like I should always do albums with Harmony because he gets me. He’s like my Quincy Jones.”