Gabrielle Union

*Ever wonder how your favorite stars turn up?

The cast of ‘Think Like A Man Too,’ coming out this Friday, shared how they celebrated the death of their single life.

EUR: What was your bachelor or bachelorette party be like?

Gabrielle Union: We got a stripper, who has since passed away, which is very sad but there was a group of us who were like, ‘Phewww!’ Because he could have single handedly stopped us all from becoming President or serving our nation! We did interesting and creative things…he came out as Dr. Strange Love and then turned into Dr. Feel Good! It was a good time…

Mr. Marcus and Jake Steed were there too. If you live in the San Fernando Valley…you’ve seen them. They are at my gym. I saw Mr. Marcus at TGI Fridays and he was like, ‘hey Gab, hey,’ and I  was like, ‘I don’t know you.’ You don’t want to run into people, you’ve seen at your bachelorette party…

Meagan Good

Meagan Good: We went to Vegas. I fell on stage while performing with the Pussycat Dolls. I tumbled – like a baby roll, but I played it off like, ‘heyyy’ and kept going.

Romany Malco

Romany Malco: I threw a bachelor for my brother down in the Keys. We had straight up competitions…like a fishing tournament, a tennis tournament, and we did the clubs.

La La Anthony

La La Anthony: Mine was fun! I’m not into the male stripper thing or anything like that, we went to a club and got wasted. I didn’t remember anything the next day.

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson: If I were to have a bachelorette party, it would be with my closest girlfriends and we would go somewhere tropical and do a spa. It wouldn’t be too crazy…I’m too old for that.

Think Like A Man Too

EUR: What was it like shooting the ‘Poison’ music video sequence?

Regina Hall:  It was really good. I was scared when I had to fall into the audience, but we had fun. It was the first thing we did…we landed and went straight to the studio.

Regina Hall

La La Anthony: Our vocal coach was not impressed. He wanted us to do more…originally we were supposed to be singing and then he found out we weren’t that talented. He wanted us to harmonize.

'Think Like A Man Too'