Game*Those wondering about whether Game is the father of a little girl he was recently pictured with can rest easy now. According to the rapper, the child is his.

“She is my daughter!! I am her FATHER!! Doesn’t matter if I am biogically [sic] her father or I adopted her or if a father figure was absent in her life the last 9 years of it or not,” Game posted on Instagram, along with a picture of the girl. “What matters is that from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew that WE BOTH were put into each others lives for a reason.”

Game’s comments stem from a photo he posted this past Father’s Day of his children with the little girl. Rumors of whether or not the child was the result of an affair involving the entertainer soon surfaced after the picture was seen.

In addition to confirming his true relationship with the girl, Game stated that since the nine-year-old’s birth dad has been out of her life since she was born, he made arrangements with the girl’s mother to take on the role of a father to young child.

Game’s relationship with the girl was further confirmed by his former fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, who told that upon meeting the girl through his philanthropic endeavors, the rhymesayer took her under his wing and “has decided to father her or God-father her.”

“It’s my understanding that she comes from a situation where there is not a father in the home. And she has several other siblings and may not be getting the attention she needs at her home,” she said.