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*According to Variery.comHow to Train Your Dragon 2‘ is leading ’22 Jump Street’ in pre-sale tickets (Fandango and MovieTickets), as the two sequels battle for the top spot at the weekend box office.

EURweb chatted with Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson about their 3D characters Stoick the Vast and Gobber the Belch.

EUR: How strenuous was the voice work for your characters?

Ferguson: It’s a pretty complicated thing to do. You have to pretend in your head that’s hard for me.

Butler: When you watch Craig as Gobber, he makes it look effortless but it’s not. It’s actually really hard when you’re standing in the studio trying to give life and relate to a whole situation that’s not there.

Gerard Butler

EUR: What did your sons say about hearing their dad play Gobber?

Ferguson: It’s the only thing I’ve done that they think is cool. Ever! Including taking them on vacation! They don’t care for me but I think they like me in the movie.

craig ferguson

EUR: At the Cannes Film Festival you shared a surprise twist about your character Gobber. What happened?

Ferguson: There was a line in the script where Gobber says, ‘this is why I never married,’ and then I adlibbed, ‘and one more reason.’ So I told the director (Dean DeBlois), ‘that’s right Gobbers coming out gay.’ And then Dean said, ‘yah why not!’

Gerard Butler

EUR: How did you create the voice for your character?

Butler: In the first ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ when I saw the size of my body…I used a real deep burly voice. I was told, ‘you don’t have to do all that.’ And this time, I thought I was doing a Scottish accent until I heard the playback…I went back and had to rerecord my voice.

‘How To Train Your Dragon 2’ in IMAX 3D and 3D is in theaters today.

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How To Train Your Dragon 2