*Jennifer Hudson gets her full round-the-way-girl on in the music video for her new Timbaland and J-Roc produced single, “Walk It Out.”

Directed by Director X, the man behind Iggy Azalea’s “Clueless”-themed “Fancy” video, “Walk It Out” opens with J-Hud waking up and going for a walk through the streets of Chicago.

Men flirt with her as she makes her way to the hair salon, engaging the stylists and patrons in synchronized “Walk It Out” hand flips.

J-Hud makes her way to the basketball court, where one of the players leaves the game to run game on her. After tossing him aside, she meets up with her two girls, who become her background dancers in another bit of choreography.

Suddenly, it’s nighttime and she’s strutting down the street in a jacket. Dude from the basketball court returns – now in a Beamer – still trying to pick her up. He hands her the keys to the ride. He closes the deal this time.

Timbaland, also featured on the track, appears in the video as well.

Watch it below: