lebron james presser

*The Miami Heat can forget about LeBron James taking another discount for the team. Reportedly, those days are numbered.

James is seeking his full, maximum contract — after opting out of his deal with the Heat last week.

Nevertheless, James could sign a contract as big as $130 million for five years.

But he isn’t alone. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade opted out of their contracts as well.  Bosh is moving forward as a free agent.

This leaves $55 million in cap space to rework the roster.

James has two championships and four MVPs to his name, but he took a pay cut in 2010 in order to sign with the Heat — making him the 9th highest paid NBA player last season — a shared salary amount with Bosh and slightly more money than Wade.

James took a pay cut for the NBA finals. It helped the team avoid a luxury tax and focus on a strong supporting team.

But money doesn’t seem like it’s everything to James. He really wants that strong supporting team. And winning wins over money.

Also, James has other ways of cashing out.  He received $30 million in equity due to his owned stake in Beats By Dr. Dre, which was sold to Apple.

But taking the maximum amount of money means it would hurt the Heat’s chances of recruiting stronger talent and will put James in a contract that will last much longer.

So what will it be? Smaller deal? Free agent? Or maximum dollar signs?