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*Poor LeBron James! Not only did he lose the NBA championship, he was made fun of for losing again.

While James and the Miami Heat lost again, the San Antonio Spurs took home their 5th NBA championship.

Hence, James became an easy target with the t-shirt above bragging about the Spurs winning status.

This is in reference to when James said he along with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and some other selected basketball greats would win “not one, not two, not three … not seven” titles. Oops…

No matter how painful it was for James, he did acknowledge the truth.

“They were the much better basketball team,” James said

The Spurs won in a 104-87 victory.  And James said, “obviously, I didn’t do enough.”

At least, James is being the bigger person in all of this…. for now.

“Not disappointed in any of my teammates, just wish we could have come through, played a better series,” James said.

Watch James’ championship predictions from 2010: