tonya_banks*As one of the stars of Lifetime’s “Little Women: LA,” Tonya Banks is very familiar with being part of a successful project.

But there is one thing (or rather word) that doesn’t sit well with Banks. In an interview with, Banks mentions overcoming difficulties in order to succeed as well as a desire to be the first Black little person to win an Academy Award.

The veteran actor, who has several roles in various films, also touches on the debate surrounding the use of the word “midget” and TV shows to her credit. In Banks’ eyes, the word “midget” is as equally offensive as the N-word.

“Little Women: LA” centers around a unique group of smart and hilarious girlfriends with big hearts, big personalities and even bigger drama…who all happen to be little people.

The series airs at 9/8c Tuesdays on Lifetime.

To see Tonya Banks’ interview with, check out the video below: